Our vision

To be Europe’s first multilingual website that fully records and showcases our cultural heritage, traditions and cuisine, as well as the wealth of architectural and natural landmarks.

To let you plan unique itineraries packed with cultural diversity, so you can enjoy travelling through the past and into the present.

To make it possible for you and everyone else to play the role of host and share your way of life and the local sights you love with the rest of Europe.

What we offer

Koulti gives you access to a multilingual guide to local sightseeing, events, cuisine and other interesting information.

Be guided by your preferences, whether they include culture, tradition, dancing or music.

Explore the rich variety of content at your leisure, using the many search options and advanced sorting and display capabilities we offer.

You will have easy access to

Detailed information about each of Greece’s regions.

Thematic routes without barriers. 

A directory of Greek cultural and other organisations, institutions and societies, including those of the Greek diaspora.

Up-to-date information on cultural events, revivals of local customs and traditions.

Europe’s most comprehensive culture guide and its most innovative trip planning website.

Key functionalities and trip planning features

No need to scroll through hundreds of search results anymore - koulti’s structured search approach helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, using multiple search criteria, with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Tweak suggested routes any way you like, or create new ones easily from scratch.

Ανακάλυψε προορισμούς

Explore history, attractions, architectural and natural landmarks, the flavours of local cuisine, folk traditions and dances.

Αξιοποίησε στο έπακρον το χρόνο σου

Create a daily travel plan to take with you. Change it at any time while you’re travelling.

Εμπλούτισε τις γνώσεις σου

Learn more about what you are interested in, or find reliable and thorough information about something new that you have just discovered.

Βιώστε την παράδοση

Enjoy tradition in all its forms, every day of the year.

Άσε τις εικόνες να σε καθοδηγήσουν

Let the photos point the way to unique experiences.

Register so that you can

Let people all over Europe know about your local area and its landmarks, culture, folklore and traditions.
Showcase your organisation or institution and its activities all year round.
Let others know about your work or business, whether you are an individual artist or dance instructor, or providing services in the tourism or culture sectors.
Become a koultie, taking an active part in our community and enjoying its exclusive benefits.
Find out immediately about any exciting developments or future activities we have planned.

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